Unique, Rural, Self-Catering Camping & Accommodation in Western Australia

Mount View station

About Us

Mount View is a historic station that is now a mixed cropping and sheep farming enterprise. We border the Kalbarri National Park and the Murchison River, situated 540km North of Perth at a place called Ajana, Western Australia.

At Mount View we are offering a unique experience of having the entire station all to yourselves for the duration of your stay.

You are welcome to camp out on the station in tents or swags or you can use the “Mount View Hilton” our fully equipped Glamping Donga that makes it so easy it has power, hot water, shower, toilet, kitchen and two separate bedrooms.

We have a kitchen area set up in the shed adjacent to the Donga, complete with a fridge and chest freezer here and the barbecues are here for you to use, one is gas and one wood fired if the weather permits.

There’s also a large wooden outdoor dining suite and the shed has a semi-outdoor feel with good function and a great vibe. The shed is also a excellent place to set up a camp especially for bigger groups with ample room for caravans and campers, swags or tents.


Take a Guided Tour

All first time campers will be required to have a guided tour of the property the basic tour is about 2 hours long and costs around $100.  This will help you get your bearings and familiarise yourself with important areas and make you aware of the boundaries and no go areas.

If you would like an extended tour or a fully guided trip this is also available and price is on application. Your local guide will show you even more of the property so you can visit all the hotspots.